Awendo insecurity caused by closure of Sony Sugar

By MN Reporter

Residents of Awendo have blamed the closure of Sony Sugar Company and laxity of security officer as the main cause of high level of insecurity.

They say Sony Sugar casual employees popularly known as “Obanda” do not have other sources of income and now that they are not engaged anywhere and are not earning a salary.

A resident, Charles Otieno told Migori News that the cane cutters used used to stay within the company’s premises but they were evacuated.

They also say even though police have been deployed to various parts of Awendo, crime rate is still high.

Lawrence Odongo a resident and a business man in Awendo town said that Awendo is very insecure and that people are being robbed even in broad day light yet the police claim that they are always on the lookout.

This is not the first time the residents of Awendo and the people who surround it are complaining of high crime but they say this has been happening all times especially when the nearby Sugar Company is closed for maintenance which can ran for at most three months.

The residents are now appealing the police to intensify security both day and night in Awendo and its environs to boost the economy.