Awendo boda boda riders rage after cane hauling tractors kill five colleagues


By MN Reporter

Boda boda riders in Awendo town and its outspans have expressed their displeasure over the manner in which the sugarcane hauling tractor from Sukari Industries are causing accidents on the Awendo-Rapogi and Ndhiwa road.

According to the chairman of the Awendo boda boda youth association James Owiro, the sugarcane hauling tractor are alleged to be driven recklessly by the sugar milling drivers and have caused more than five deaths since the start of the year.

The chairman said that the drivers drive the tractors at a high speed and makes them sometimes lose control of the heavy trailers that cause accident nearly every week.

The boda boda riders expressed their anger in the manner in which the company managers and the police collaborate to handle the situations as more deaths are being witnessed almost every week and even every month.

He cited a situation where a motorbike rider was alleged to have been knocked down by a speeding sugarcane hauling tractors at Awendo Rapogi road yesterday evening killing him instantly and also covering his body with sugarcane and the trailers being on top of his body.

Victor Otieno, a concerned resident from Awendo town said that the manner in which the killing are being witnessed due to the reckless driving of tractors on the road is alarming and it is a wake-up call by the concerned authorities to come out and find a solution to the menace.

He said that the company managers have been talking ill of the boda boda riders for not observing traffic rules and regulations and wanted both the national and the county Government to look into the issue and solve them before it is too late.

The boda boda riders have vowed to paralyse operations at the road if the endless deaths and alleged reckless driving will not be stopped as they have two bodies of the colleagues who are alleged to have been knocked down by the sugarcane hauling tractors still lying at Rapcom mortuary in Awendo awaiting burial.

Efforts to reach the Sukari Industries management bore no fruits as they did not respond to the allegations against them.