Akugo announces 2022 Uriri MP bid to replace Nyamita on FB, read the reactions

Central Kanyamkago MCA Alex Akugo

By MN Reporter

Central Kanyamkago MCA Alex Akugo has announced on social media that he will vie the Uriri constituency seat in 2022 to replace area legislator Mark Nyamita.

On Sunday, Akugo on his official Facebook profile announced the bid openly creating mixed reactions online.

“I’m contesting for Uriri parliamentary seat in 2022,so help me God,” he posted.

Akugo was first elected as an MCA in the same ward like Nyamita to finish the term of Michael Osongo who had passed on.

In a by-election heavily funded by his brother Dominic Akugo, who is governor Okoth Obado Director of Administration, Akugo trounced Ken Nyamita, the legislator’s elder brother.

Considered a paper weight, Akugo managed to reclaim back his seat again.

His move comes after it became clear that his counterpart George Omamba, from North Kanyamkago was also interested in the seat.

This comes as there are talks that Nyamita plans to vie for governor position in the forthcoming polls.

Following the announcement, several people posted their reactions:

Kennedy Makasembo, a teacher and blogger posted: “Fear not, make a jab. I support your move.”

Jack Otura posted: “Go for it Wuod dala tema atama…… to be ibiro nyalo??????? I wish ni Sir Director (his elder brother) emane ondiko kamano…. ingekuwa afadhali….”

Allande Mzito: “Heheee,,, jatelo matin,,,apenjiee,,, where will u wish Nyamita to be if u hope for that seat ????”

Michael Omondi: “Just Ken nyamita a brother to honourable Mark defeated you in the last by- election with a landslide until the county government rigged you in! yet now again you started dreaming impossible things! do you need heart attack? or heartfailour or stroke and die young.”

Otieno Akwoyo: “Alex stop biting what you can’t chew”

Oyier Pheneus: “Hon.Alex be crias with your work bwana.Instead of mocking people here in fb why don’t you open up put culverts and marrum the roads u posted on your wall sometime back?Work for the voters n you will get what you want from them.Umesahau that voters are your employer.Change your attitude and work for your people my brother.”