Afya Halisi program trains medics at Rapcom Medical Center, Awendo on handling bleeding during birth

By MN Reporter

In a bid to manage high cases of maternal and infant deaths in Migori, several medical staff at Rapcom Medical Center in Awendo town have undergone specialised training.

The Ministry of Health officials through the USAID and UNFPA funded Afya Halisi program led the simulation training on July 23 at the private facility.

Mildred Otieno, Awendo Reproductive Health Coordinator said they chose Rapcom because it has high number of births at the facility, at 95 in a month.

“It is the highest in Awendo sub-county which records about 500 average births each month across all other hospitals,” Otieno said.



She said in last month alone, the hospital had three cases of emergencies caused by excessive bleeding.

“Our main aim is to prevent any case of both mother and infant death by refreshing our team’s skills during birth,” she said.

The training involved a re-creating a scenario which involved a volunteer to act as a woman in labour and medics to attend to her.

“We created a scenario where after, during or before birth a woman encounters excessive bleeding and both infant and mother are to be saved,” She said.

The process also included casual labourers at the facility like watchmen and nurse aides.

“We included everybody since the all process includes the entire staff,” she said.

Participants had time to ask questions and share experiences