Acting Speaker Boaz openly supports Obado re-election, assembly accused of being bought

UP CLOSE: Acting speaker Boaz Okoth (L) and Governor Okoth Obado in last function

UP CLOSE: Acting speaker Boaz Okoth (L) and Governor Okoth Obado in last function

By MN Reporter
Twitter: @MigoriNews

Migori residents and leaders have accused acting speaker and North Kadem MCA Boaz Okoth for tainting the image of the assembly by openly campaigning for governor Okoth Obado’s re-election bid.

They accused the assembly leader and Majority Leader Joe Gucha (Kakarao) for going to bed with Obado by openly supporting the man they should play oversight role over.

But Okoth denied accusation while sppeaking on Tuesday at Oyani Farm in Uriri sub-county during flagging off of 200 dairy cows and Sahiwal bulls attended by Obado,

“We are not in bed with Obado, we work with him closely at the assembly because he positively can be ciriticised,” he said.

He added: “In 2017 we will ensure Obado is re-elected back in office.”
In a political twist, Okoth alluded the former speaker Gordon Ogolla who was impeached last October was working “for them”

“So far we have acted on 10 bills after removing the person (Ogolla) they have been working for,” he said.

Governor aspirants George Oywer, Peter Jobando, Ochillo Ayacko, Anne Anyanga and Mark Nyamita are among people who have questioned assembly’s oversight role.

Roy Obwanga, a political activist said Gucha took a key role in sanitizing Obado administration recently when people living with disability demonstrated to know the whereabouts of Sh20million allocation.

“They say people have a price tag, actions of the two shows they are gone and have tainted assembly image completely,” he told Migori News.