Abuor gives criminals threatening Rongo town residents ultimatum

Rongo MP Paul Abuor and Ong’ondo Ngani

By Ian Byron

Abuor who was speaking at separate fund raisers over the weekend challenged criminals living in Rongo town and its environs to vacate the town or face dire consequences.

“I will not sit back and watch some few individuals with ill motives to cause panic among Rongo residents. I ask them to leave before we narrow down on them or they face serious consequences.” Abuor said.

On Saturday during a function in North Kamagambo ward,  Abuor said that since his election as the area MP,  he has completed several police post at Kobado, Opapo, Kitere and Chamgiwadu areas in a bid to boslter security .

He promised to renovate street lighting system in the town to improve  security in the town.

“I’ve instructed my constituency manager to ensure that  street lights in Rongo town which are not working are restored and polijce patrols increased so that this criminals are arrested.” he said.

Rongo town residents have raised an alarm over a gang that have been targeting women in brazen cases of assault and sexual abuse.

In the past two weeks alone, over ten cases have been reported as victims have called on government, police and elected leaders to come to their aid to help them against panga and knife wielding gang.

“What is happening in Rongo is an open cases of how society disregard women and we need victims’ rights to be respected by having the culprits stand before a court of law and face justice,” Titus Orwa, an human rights activist said.

In the most brazen cases a 14 years old form two girl at Nyikendo Mixed Secondary who was leaving hospital after an eye checkup in Migori town was drugged and raped severally in a lodging in Rongo town.

Roseline Odero, the victim’s mother said her daughter was still wearing school uniform when she was dragged and pushed into a vehicle in Migori town.

“How could a man walk into a lodging with a dragged girl wearing uniform, rape her for hours and despite taking the matter to police no arrest, even for the bar owner, has been made?” Odero lamented.

A sevens month pregnant civil servant in Rongo town was raped in her house dead at night on Friday evening.

“The attacker carrying a knife threatened to kill me or split open my belly before he raped me,” Faima Amondi (not her real name told the Star).

Carol Akinyi, Amondi’s neighbour who helped her to be rushed to hospital said four women in Rongo town complained of the same knife and panga wielding gang of attacking and sexually abusing women.

“The same morning a form three girl at a local mixed school was bathing at 5am when the gang choked her, they stopped raping her when her sister who heard the commotion came to her aid. We are living in fear in Rongo,” Akinyi said.

At the Rongo town market, women traders have complained that in two weeks six women have been assaulted, robbed and sexually assaulted by the same gang.

Rongo DCC Joseph Satia said they have already created a special police unit to tackle the gang and will yield results soon.