3705 KCPE candidates in Uriri’s 103 schools receive food items in second annual feeding programme

By MN Reporter

Food items in the second annual feeding programme at the Uriri CDF office

Primary schools in Uriri Constituency have today received food items ahead of the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education that is set to kick off tomorrow.

The food items in the second annual feeding programme are set to benefit 1877 boys and 1828 girls in the 103 primary schools in Uriri.

In a statement, the area MP Mark Nyamita said the move was aimed at ensuring improved performance from the pupils

“By this act and others before it, our previously relayed best of luck message to all the candidates is emphasized as we look forward to an even higher positive deviation in this exams ; and continued partnership through bursaries and more for the successful candidates ” said Nyamita.

He added, ” All the pupils are encouraged to approach the rite of passage with courage knowing that it’s not a life and death affair.

All public and private primary schools will benefit from the feeding programme.