30 years jail term for Awendo farmhand for defiling eight years old boss’ daughter

The suspect before Rongo resident magistrate court

By MN Reporter

Awendo area farmhand will spend 30 years in jail after being found guilty by the the Rongo Magistrate court for defiling his boss’ daughter aged eigh years old.

Fred Otieno alias Ongaro, 32, was found guilty to have committed the offence at Utoma village in Awendo sub-county on July 6, 2019.

Senior resident magistrate Raymond Langat said the state prosecution and evidence from the minor, a class three pupil by the time of crime proved the crime.

The minor identified as M.A told court she had gone to a nearby forest to collect firewood when the accused person called her to his house to give him money to buy sweets.

She said Ongaro dragged her into a maize plantation where she defiled her. Her parents told said they noticed something was amiss when the minor had difficulty in walking.

Ongaro was charged with Defilement contrary to section 8 (1) as read with section 8 (2) of sexual offences cap 62a laws of Kenya.

Lang’at said as a farmhand the suspect “breached the trust given by the child,” and will be traumatised for life.