Ghati wants government to buy maize that is in excess in Kuria to feed starving Kenyans

Nominated MP Ghati speaking in Kuria East during the burial of MP Marwa Kitayama


Leaders drawn from the Kuria in Migori County have asked the government to buy maize from farmers in the region.

This is after news reports raging drought in the Country with some Kenyans reportedly dead from starvation.

ODM nominated MP Dennitah Ghati said farmers in the region had surplus supply of maize from the recent harvest but had nowhere sell their maize.

Hon. Ghati said this had forced farmers to sell their maize at throw away prices to avoid their grains being damaged in their stores.

She said farmers were selling maize between 10 and 15 shillings for a 2kg tin locally referred to as ‘Gorogoro’ but the maize was still in excess.

“Maize is the major cash crop in the region but farmers have been forced to put up with low prices because it is in excess,” Ghati said.

Farmers in the region shifted to maize farming from tobacco farming after tobacco companies moved from the region.

The former Migori County Women Representative said it was not logical for maize to go bad in farmer’s stores yet Kenyans elsewhere were dying of hunger.

“Turkana residents are starving to death yet we have maize here in Kuria that is going bad in farmers’ strores,” Ghati said.

The Government of Kenya has listed 17 counties as those affected by severe drought and hunger.

There have been reports of Kenyans dying in Baringo and Turkana counties.

Ghati asked his party leader Raila Odinga, President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto to ensure the government buys maize from the region

Kuria West MP Mathia Robi on the other hand urged farmers from the region not to give up on farming but use it pay fee for their children in school.

“Let us not give up on farming yet, but as we do this, let us also use proceeds of farming to keep our children in school,” Robi said.

The government and well wishers have started distributing food to Kenyans in worse hit areas across the Country.