VIDEO-PROFILE: Amimo, the Environment and Engineering profession who seeks to unseat Junet in 2022


By MN Reporter

Samuel Odongo Amimo from God Jope ward has come up as aspirants who will be in the ballot in 2022 to try and unseat the incumbent Junet Mohammed.

Amimo was born in Nyaduong’ area about five decades ago and went to Mbita High School and later Kenyatta University where he got a degree in Environment Planning and Management in 1997.

He is from Ramogi clan, “but Suna East is a melting pot of all clans and tribes in Kenya, which will make my campaigns to tackle issues directly instead of animosity and division.”

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Speaking to Migori News, in a special interview in Migori town, Amimo he has worked in several NGOs to help in logistics and humanitarian work in South Sudan, Rwanda, Somalia and North Eastern Kenya before opening his firm in 2005.

“My firm deals in consultancy in environment and engineering sector, the success I have with these is what I want replicated in Suna East constituency,” he said.

He said he will be keen in boosting food security, end poverty, spur healthcare development and boost trade by enhancing electricity connectivity an end cattle rustling cases especially in areas bordering the Kuria community and Rift Valley.

“We have nothing to show of NG-CDF in Suna East because Junet has failed to connect with professional like teachers, business people and other elites to bring development to help in auguring the funds. NG-CDF is available to all constituencies, it is other stakeholders who make it relevant,” Amimo said.

He said while a MP is elected for legislation, oversight and representation, Junet rarely comes to the ground which has made it hard to listen to complaints from people and the work left to his political handlers who were never in the ballot.

“We never see Junet in the ground, but wonder if he claims mileage allowances from the parliament. Because if he does, that would be fraud against tax payers,” Amimo said.

He said since being elected in 2013, Junet has been saying he has been busy helping ODM leader in Nairobi to shape the national politics and leaving ground to be managed by his numerous aides who were never in the ballot.

He said bursary issuance has been flawed, the issue of cattle rustling along Kuria and Rift Valley borders is still rampant and electricity connection has been down.

He said in Sangla residents were ready to donate two acres of land for building of Sangla Mixed Secondary which has since become a mirage and another campaign tool for over a decade because of absentee leadership.

“Residents need a MP who will never been seen flying in helicopters and only seen in national TV, we need a leader who will help tackle runaway poverty in the constituency and not use is as basis of dishing handouts,” he said.

Amimo said in 2022 he will be in the ballot no matter the outcome of nominations and intimidation currently meted on other aspirants as “my party is the people of Suna East, and I will be in the ballot to offer an alternative leadership that will ensure our people won’t be managed by an absentee MP.”

He said he plans to roll out full blown campaigns once government eases Covid 19 restrictions.