Slayqueen Behind Kaka Talanta’s Broken Marriage, Failed Wedding Exposed

By MN Reporter

Migori music sensation Kaka Talanta had planned to wed and settle down sometime in 2020 but this was not to happen.

This is after his wedding to his then love of his life came to an abrupt end.

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Much had been put in place to ensure the two love birds, especially Kaka Talanta who was basking in new found fame, settled down in holy matrimony.

A wedding committee was in place and some of Talanta and his then girlfriend for four years friends had volunteered to fund the celebration.

Contributions in various WhatsApp groups were top notch and collections were running into hundreds of thousands.

The church had also been notified, a date set and plans were in top gear.

But two weeks to the D-day things fell apart.

“I was to wed *** 2 years ago. We had stayed for 4 years in marriage so we were to wed, then 2 weeks to the wedding we separated,” Talanta revealed in an interview with Migori News.

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Migori News has now established that another woman might have been at the centre of the failed wedding.

Preliminary reports indicate that days leading to the break-up and failed wedding, Kaka Talanta was always in the company of another fine lady.

Though it is not realy clear what might have led to the bitter fall out, recent interactions between this writer and Talanta have revealed that the two may still have a thing together

Our fears were confrimed as to date, she still adores Talanta and constantly showers him with love and often referes to him as cup cake.

On the other hand, Talanta openly confeses his love for the said lady through his social media handles. See below.

Kaka Talanta has also released a new song dedicated to a ‘SLIM NYAR GWASI’ whom one plus one leads to the said lady.

Though a dissapointed people still want to know what transpired before the wedding was called off, the musician seems to have moved on.