I am not HIV positive, leave my red lips alone- Wuod Fibi

Wuod Fibi

By MN Reporter

John Erick commonly known as Wuod Fibi has refuted claims that he is HIV positive and suffering from Aids because of his red lips.

Wuod Fibi has said his red lips is caused by a skin condition called vitiligo, but he has been falsely discriminated for being infected by HIV and suffering from Aids.

“Aki si watu ni wajinga (for sure people are fools), who said red lips is a results of Ukimwi? Stop discriminating people, disability is not inability, leave my red lips alone, it is just a condition,” Wuod Fibi said.

Wuod Fibi in his Facebook page said he is about to celebrate his 40 years birthday and expects “to be in the Guinness Book of World Record for having lived for all those years with HIV/AIDS without sing ARVs.”

Wuod Fibi’s Barikiwa Studios has produced several musician like Prince Indah, Musa Jakadala, Emma Jalamo, Freddy Jakadongo, Koffi Mc’Dory, the late Lady Maureen among others.

He is based in Sweden and is behind hits like Mago Nonsense and Cham Gi Wang’i,