VACANCY: CGTN Africa Reporters

CCTV/CGTN Africa is China Central Television’s news production centre and Africa Bureau located in Nairobi, Kenya.


With the changing media landscape we are seeking an experienced, dynamic and professional individual to fill the positions of reporters. Reporters are journalists who investigate; research and broadcast news stories on television. 

The reporters may specialize in a particular area such as current affairs, the economy or government, or may be required to report on a wide range of topics.

If successful, you join a team striving to ake connections with an Africa-wide audience, telling stories of the African continent from a new perspective.Responsibilities and Duties:-

 Build up a good network of resources in a bid to help the news channel to stay ahead of its competitors

 Generate stories and features ideas and follow leads from law enforcement agencies, public, and press conferences.

 Pitch ideas and their implementation strategies to planners and producers.

 Research and collect evidence to support stories and features.

 Write scripts for headlines and bulletins and prepare and present news reports.

 Present news items on air – both recorded and live sessions.

 Handle breaking news presentations by employing moderating techniques.

 Consult books, periodicals, news files, and public records to obtain accurate and relevant facts.

 When out reporting you will be expected to update the social media circles as per the agreement with the producer before departing for the story. This needs to be in line with the social media policy.

 Meet Deadlines – deadlines are a big part of the job description for a reporter. 

All of the work has to be done in time for the next broadcast, online update or print deadline. As a reporter, you may have only minutes to arrive at the scene, get the facts and put them together in a comprehensive way before a deadline.

Educational Background and Experience:-

 Bachelor degrees or above, communications/journalism majors preferred
 Minimum 5 years TV news reporting/editing
 Excellent oral and written communication skills
 Possess an understanding of and appreciation for a multi-national, multi-cultural work environment
 A strong track record of finding good, newsworthy stories and developing ideas.
 A talent for translating complex issues into coherent, lively, and accessible broadcasting
 An ability to use broadcast and computer-based technology and stay up-to-date with the latest developments
 Demonstrate the ability to work effectively in the field, with or without a producer
 Able to decide how much significance to give to breaking news.

 Keen interest in African news

 High-level reporting skills 

 Self-starter, able to generate coverage ideas

 Clear broadcast voice

 Decision making skills 

 A good planner and organizer

 Sound editorial judgment

 Creative thinking 

 Able to managing relationships and work in a team 

 Good analytical skills 

 Able to influencing others 

The position is located in Nairobi, Kenya and for international candidates, the company facilitates the relocation. If you meet the above qualifications and are interested in working in a fast paced, fun environment, please send your CV and video links of your work to by Friday 10th January 2020.