Plight of Kamagambo student suffering from rare Anal cancer

A form three student from Kamagambo secondary school from Kadero Kwoyo village in Awendo subcounty in Migori county may remain at home for the rest of her life after getting infected with a rarer anal cancer that has caused a swelling on her hips.

According to the mother Hellen Adhiambo Otieno,the 18 year old scholar was forced to terminate her education to allow her to seek medication at the Awendo and Rongo sub county hospital for the swollen left hip that was not causing any pain to her but after the nurses at the two health facilities cut a piece of the flesh to enable them conduct proper diagnosis on the hip the remaining flesh on her hips ruptured and became a sore painful wound.

The mother said that the student who was good academically started developing the hips that became abnormal and even her peers and close friends started to joke on her that she had developed a rare hip that they never had but little did they know that it could become a wound that could attract the attention of the doctors who later referred her to Kisumu County Referral Hospital where samples of the hip were examined further and it was found that she had contracted cancer.

The student Bellinda Atieno Otieno told the media crew that visited her home and found her on the bed that she wants to go back to school and pursue her dream of becoming a doctor and also help her mother and father in future who are both ailing as her father is reported to be admitted at the Homa Referral hospital after a wall fall on him when he was constructing a house in Rongo town since he is a mason.

Caroline Ogutu, a community health worker based in Awendo sub county hospital who is helping the mother of the girl in nursing and dressing her wounds almost every day said that the situation in which the student was in and the pain she experiences has led them to offer

voluntary services to the family since the medication is expensive and requires timely response that the mother and the father could not afford on a daily basis.

“The student is always in pain and the mother and the family as a whole could not afford the treatment as she is supposed to receive the dressing on the swollen wounds on a daily basis, so we had to come in and offer voluntary services to her to enable the healing process come succeed but the situation is turning to be chronic and hard to treat,” she said.

She added that the tumor on the flesh requires a professional neurosurgeon to conduct the operation on the hip that has proved hard to heal on time since last year September when the student was forced to pull out of the school to seek treatment.

Nathaniel Oloo a family friend said that the situation is so intense and requires large sums of money to enable the student get operated and calls upon well-wishers and the medical fraternity to help the family seek proper medical attention that will enable the bright intellectual who is busy reading her books while bedridden at their home.

“The family is poverty stricken and needs the assistance of well-wishers and the medical practitioners across the country and the globe as well to help them get their young girl treated and continue with her education next year,” he said.

He said that the disease could have been treated well if the family had discovered about it and proper and diagnosis done to the patient who cannot even have a seat on the boda boda and is in pain if she rides in public vehicles that are sometimes overloaded.

This comes after the county Government of Migori with the help of the national Government procured cancer and diabetics equipment that are lying idle at the County referral hospital without medical practitioners to help the patients of cancer.

The county has not had any cancer center in the region and the plight of the cancer patients in the county still worsens in the eight sub counties of the larger Migori county.