My name is Stephen Wambura, I scored 391 marks in KCPE but cant raise fees to join Kanga High

By MN Reporter

Hello, my name is Stephen Wambura Chacha I scored 391 marks from Visa Primary School in Kuria East.

I was happy when I received a calling letter to join Kanga high school, one of the top performing schools in the country.

I come from a poor background, which makes it hard for me to join the school.

My father Joseph Chacha, is a casual labourer and relies on working on people’s farms to provide for our family of seven siblings.

When journalists visited our home I was depressed and did not want to speak to anyone.

I have been depressed ever since my father told me it was hard for me to continue with my education.

“He has not been himself since he received his results. He knows he might not join the school he was called to because we can’t afford. This has clearly affected him emotionally,”  Chacha told Migori News.

When I finally opened up, I was overwhelmed by emotions.

“I have been working hard in school so as to get a good job in future and uplift my family from poverty. I really wish to become a neurosurgeon but lack of school fees will make it hard,” said Wambura amid tears.

My family will appreciate any help to ensure I continue with my education


Name: Joseph Chacha
Contact: 0725 718 429