Kanga High adds seven streams, spent millions in infrastructure over influx

By MN Reporter

Schools are struggling to run after they were forced to admit more students than the schools could handle.

This is because the admissions were conducted with little or no improvements to the infrastructure in various schools to accommodate the students.

Our visit to Kanga High School in Rongo revealed that the three streams school have been forced to adapt seven stream plan a situation that is straining existing facilities.

The Principal of Kanga High School Michael Ogweno called for the education stakeholders look into improving infrastructure in schools to accommodate many number of students transiting from primary to secondary school.

 Kanga School performed well in last year KCSE a situation which is pushing many parents from other schools seek admission in form three and form two.

“The school used to have a student population of 1000 but currently we have 1400 and many others are still being admitted and seeking for places in the national school but we have a shortage of infrastructure in our dormitories, laboratories and even classrooms,” he said.

The principal said that the number of students that a laboratory can hold is about 50 but currently most classes in the school have a large population of more than 50 students and it is a challenge when doing the science practicals.

The dormitories whose cubicles are supposed to have four beds have been forced to have six or even more due to limited space.

Kanga national school and many others are asking for the stakeholders and other well wishers to help them fund infrastructure to meet hundred transition policy from Primary to Secondary school.

The principal added that the school has only managed to improve part of its infrastructure from the savings it has been having but still lacks the resources as the buildings in the school were put up at the onset of the school in 1985 but much needs to be done to further improve our infrastructure.

The Kanga school administration has so far used its resources on water and sanitary at a cost of Kshs1.2millions,build examination hall at a cost of 3.8millions,extension of laboratory buildings Kshs 11.8 and New school bus at Kshs 14.3.

The other facilities that were build by the school without the Government resources are also Isuzu bus of Kshs 5millions and building of dormitories at a cost of Kshs 3.8millions.

At the same note Kuppet secretary General Migori branch Orwa Samwel Jasolo concurred with the same issue raised by the school administrations as schools have to make amends with the little resources they have.

The secretary General said that most schools are grappling with the inadequate ablution facilities, shortage of beds, classrooms and laboratories that are few regarding the influx of students in the schools.

The union leader added that most schools in Migori have had to grapple with the number of students despite the schools having few teachers who are outnumbered by the students’ populations.

He said Kanga High school,Rapogi Boys High School,Ulanda Girls and Kadika Girls are more affected by the transition changes in the schools.

The same sentiments were also echoed by his KNUT counterpart Caleb Opondi who emphasised that most of the school are grappling with the students population.

The schools have a shortage of sanitation facilities and have also shortage of teachers and the Teachers Service Commission has to employ more teachers as well to help meet the population of students in most of the schools.