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OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT KENYATTA: Homa Bay is rotten, on auto pilot mode

Dear Your excellency, I believe you will not mind my scant courtesy. It is due to the sense of urgency with which I am writing this letter, to express the…

Civil society future in Migori county is bright

CSOs future is bright in Migori County It is emerging that a critical mass of skillful and experienced Cby SOs representation is building up and strong collaborations, County, National and…

CJ appointee Maraga applied not as an Adventist or Kisii

By Advocate Ombati Omwanza Judge Maraga applied to be CJ, not an SDA church elder. He did not campaign to be in the Kisii Council of elders. So spare us…

OPEN LETTER TO MIGORI LEADERS: River Migori catchment source already grabbed

Dear Leaders, SEEING TOMORROW TODAY. Every life has a source, every drop of water is life. Trees are the breathing points of all sources of water (life). This evident from…

OPEN LETTER TO GOVERNOR OBADO: Health officials in Karungu underpaid

Receive my greetings your excellency the governor Migori county Hon Okoth Obado. I would wish to bring to your attention that going by labor laws and government policies on salary…

Hon. Raila county tour was successful- Awendo ODM Statement

Our attention has been drawn to the media reports that the Rt Hon Raila tour to meet ODM PARTY Migori county grass root officials was poorly organized and wish to…

Migori county goverment website not updated

By Charles Ngige Kindly let the concerned authority update the county website. No information at all!

Kenya Power should repair Nyasoko transformer

By Jackline Jackie Something happened to our transformer at nyasoko area and we have not had electricity for the last two months. The kpl poeple are just giving empty promises….