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We have deleted Zam Zam supermarket adverts. This is why.

  We undertook an agreement with Zam Zam Supermarket, which is owned by a local business family in Migori county, to place adverts on our platforms.   We designed banner…

From Junet to Duale, why Somalis may run this country and the world

By MN Reporter Proponents of liberalism and feminism sold us the contraceptives/family-planning lie. It’s the reason why every Monday, P2 is normally sold out in most chemists, as women delay…

Sonko bill gesture won’t clear Jubilee murder of our people- NYAMITA

By Mark Nyamita I want to thank the great people of Migori County for heeding NASA Coalition call to boycott the sham elections held by IEBC on October 26, 2017….

October 17 is more than Raila, it will set straight Africa democracy

By Hon Samson Olima Obonyo The forthcoming Kenya Presidential elections is not about financial support, its considerably greater than swearing loyalty to the pary/coalition, it requires more than going with…

Why Raila needs to do more in Nyamira County, his backyard where he lost to Uhuru

By Nyambega Gisesa I don’t know if it’s witchcraft or the Computer generated kifaranga formula, but numbers show that the people of Nyamira County voted for Uhuru Kenyatta(52 %) whereas…

OPEN LETTER: Isaac Rutto defection from NASA wake up call on Raila flops in Rift Valley

Dear Raila Odinga/Nasa Something is completely wrong with the way you handle Nasa affairs in the Rift. My Bible tells me you cannot put new wine in old wine skins….

Five reasons why I will send Obado home on August – Independent aspirant Sammy Ogalo

By Sammy Ogallo, Migori governor Independent candidate 1. ECONOMIC SABOTAGE: The outgoing Governor Okoth Obado has singly contributed to the impoverishment of Migori more than any other individual since independence….

Jubilee planning to shut down media, Facebook and WhatsApp on August 8- Blogger Saddat

By Anwar Saddat There is credible information that the Jubilee government is planning a total communications black out in kenya from 8/8/17 until the end of the elections. According to…