(VIDEO) Masara Transporters Upbeat On Hustlers Fund From President Ruto, Kenya Kwanza

By MN Reporter

Masara market transporters in Migori County have called on the Government to consider registered Saccos and youths groups in disbursement of hustler funds that is to be launched soon.

The transporters led by chairman Kevin Ayoki said that they intend to get the funds and also be able to conduct their activities like cleaning of markets and also doing other projects. He said that the group is capable of doing business and working hard to make sure that they can be able to refund the hustler funds that is to be launched on 1st December 2022.

The members said that they are ready to actualise the use of the funds in various projects and will be better if those groups deep in the villages and towns far from Nairobi can get help from the funds by getting knowledge. The members want to know about the requirement on how the money will be disbursed and the interest to be incurred.

They also want the county Government of Migori to digitise the taxation system in order to make sure that they collect enough taxes in order to enable the county offer services to them.

They added that Masara market has got no vehicle station where passengers and travellers can alight and board various vehicles and wants the county Government to build them the station in order to make their work much easier