MAHIRI: Migori pushing revenue bill for digital collection, increase targets


By MN Reporter

Migori deputy governor Mahiri Gimunta has said they are pushing through legislation to automate revenue collection to reach elusive targets set since the start of devolution in 2013.

He was speaking at a public participation forum in Migori town organized by the Finance and Economic Planning department to discuss the Migori County Revenue Board Bill of 2022.

The law will ensure automatic revenue collection is legal.

Gimunta said currently revenue collection has been digitized partially under old law and the new bill will legalise it and expand.

“We are coming up with the bill to legelize automation of revenue, since the onset of devolution we have been only collecting 30 per cent of our target,” Gimunta said.

Migori county Finance and Economic Planning Executive Maurice Otunga said they count on the new law to “eliminate inefficiency and scandals that are still there as far as collection and administration of revenue if concerned.”

He under the current law automation has been ongoing but it has been fought because it is not legal.

“We still get workers complaining about network failure to frustrate automation of revenue the new law will help in this and also give them power to gain information of businesses to help tax better,” Otunga said.