Firm to set up goat farming in Migori for export in Dubai

A goat farm

By MN Reporter

A firm has come up with plan to boost goat farming in Migori county by opening up a ready market in Dubai for export.

The Kakrao Cargo Logistics Company has said they will ensure goat farmers form groups and cooperation which will form a pool of ready market of goat breeding.

“In Migori a goat which is sold for Sh3,000 an animal, but once sold in Dubai will cost even more that double that through a ready market,” Jacktone Arum, the firm’s director said.

Arum said the firm will ensure goats are sourced not only in Migori county, but with the headquarters and a slaughter house formed in Kopanga area bordering Tanzania for a wider market.

“We will source goats across the entire county and neighbouring Tanzania and even across in Narok county,” Arum said.

He said the firm has already sourced experienced goat breeders with experience in the Dubai market.

“We need to have the right age of a goat, which is tender, and goat weight with a special slaughter house which will carter for the goat meat for a Muslim market,” Arum said.

He said the firm will approach Migori county government through the department of Agriculture, to either set up a slaughter house for goats or facilitate a private one.

“We need the permit to do a slaughter house as we have logistic experience in the middle east and we will boost our agriculture department,” Arum said.

He said a farmer stands a chance of gaining USSD80-85 (Ksh8,000-9,600)once the project is rolled out.